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Book Covering Film & Special Films

Repositionable or removable up to 1 year, self adhesive book covering film. Non-adhesive rolls or adjustable book covers. Self adhesive color film and velvet.

Ribbed Kraft Paper

Wide color range, high tearing ressistance & color fadding. Aviable in rolls & reels.


Color cardboard in 170 g/m² y 240 g/m². Texturized color cardboard in 220 g/m², aluminium & fluorencend cardboard.

Crafts Paper Sets

Craft paper sets, wide assortment of papers & cardboards.

Special Papers

Cellofane celulose paper – aluminium paper, crepe paper, glossy paper & fluorescent paper.

Gifts & Decoration

Printed ribbed kraft paper. High tearing ressistance. Large size. Fancy designes.

Office, studio & Home Office

Squared cut folders 240 g/m², white & colors copy papers. Self adhesive & eletrostatic boards.

Drawing School

Fine Arts Fabriano papers.

Metalic displays

Metal displays for cardboards special papers & rolls.

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